Bileyface! Bileyface Presents: The Spamsons

Life today isn't easy, what with all the modern annoyances and irritatingly technological distractions that surround us every day. However, if you're like me, there are two primary evils that bedevil your existence, always waiting to pounce and drive you apesheep.

I am talking, of course, about junk email, and about a certain animated television program about primary-skin-tone-colored, three-fingers-plus-thumbed individuals.

While the first of these (the junk email, or spam, as the kids call it), assaults all of our email accounts daily, with the timidity (and marketing intelligence) of "The Blob," the second bane to my existence (let's call it The Spamsons) has a more subtle soul-crushing effect.

While The Spamsons is in its 15th-ish year and now widely hailed as the best thing ever created by human hand, many admit it hasn't really had an original, cohesive thought for the past six or seven seasons. Unlike many, I believe that the "we've run out of ideas, and that IS the joke" motif lost its novelty after a few years.

So, for the past 3 years, I've fought a cold and lonely crusade, attempting to convince those around me that a program becoming a mockery of itself does not constitute humor indefinitely...until last night.

Yes, perhaps it was the over-cooked hamburger or an overdose of professional wrestling, but last night, the truth was revealed to me in dream:

the Spamsons IS the Spam
the Spam IS the Spamsons

Surely you've received spam that contains a series of random words at the end, correct? Well, my nocturnal revelation taught me their purpose: the are the new scripts for upcoming Spamsons episodes

I can't think of a more persuasive argument than examples, so look at the latest spam-scripts I've received.

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