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Ranked from Zero through Ten stars...
Zero = Not even 'So-bad-it's funny'
Five = Unintentionally hilarious
Ten = You could watch it like it was REAL MOVIE!

Movies I've Reviewed:
Teenagers from
Outer Space
The Deadly Mantis Killers from Space Night of the
Carnival of
The Indestructible
Warlords of the
21st Century
Crash of the
Journey to the
Center of Time
Giant Gila
Day of the
Valley of
the Gwangi
Kronos IT! the Terror
from Beyond Space
FROGS! Son of
the Blob
The Wizard
of Mars
Eegah Tarantula The Unearthly Killer Bats King of
Kong Island
Devil Girl
from Mars
YOR; The Hunter
from the Future

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