King Dwain's Wandering Kinghts: Bard's Tales
Bard's Tales
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  1. Sir Edmund the Bold: m3W86dEP  ( zaXNcAG9k )
  2. Sir Louis the Polite: This is a test of an emergency broadcast system.  ( Jess )
  3. Sir Jerome the Brave: The Tale of an Injurous Ursa Major  ( Chompski )
  4. Sir Jeremiah the Indomitable: and the shortest story ever  ( amerius )
  5. Sir Lionel the Innocent: and Leper Lawrence's Cross-Country Hardware Promotion  (Lefticus)
  6. Sir Byron the Evenhanded: Of Swamps, Snakes and being Scared.  ( Hannah )
  7. Sir Karl the Just: Alas, poor Alexander, we knew ye all to well.  (Daktar)
  8. Sir Todd the Evenhanded: Crew's Log o' t' Festerin' Boil  ( Paddy "Three fingers but can still play the fiddle" Muldoon )
  9. Sir Albert the Innocent: and a sackful of heads  ( Joe Bananas )
  10. Sir Maurice the Evenhanded: Killing a miscreant  ( Zuxtron )
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