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Bard's Tales
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  1. Sir Ivan the Powerful:  (Greg)
  2. Sir Robert the Indomitable: The Malice of Borris  ( Greg )
  3. Sir Frank the Brawny: Never trust a Knight Named Frank  ( Greg )
  4. Sir John the Indomitable: A Blueblooded Bore through the Mountains  ( Lefticus )
  5. Sir Quentin the Trustworthy: of 1/4 pounders and Egg McMuttons  (Joe Bananas)
  6. Sir Frank the Brave: a tale of Golem Knights, Ninja Skillz, and scary women  ( Coidzinius )
  7. Sir Albert the Zealous: Wherein Bears are proven Holier than the Religious Right  ( Coidzinius )
  8. Sir Patrick the Fierce: A Tale of a Sensitive Squire, an Outgoing Standardbearer, & a Juggler  (Lefticus)
  9. Sir Kurt the Polite: a tale of gay tomfoolery  (Pumkin)
  10. Sir Lawrence the Kind: Not very successful at all  (Daktar)
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