King Dwain's Wandering Kinghts: Bard's Tales
Bard's Tales
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  1. Sir Jonathan the Valorous: Rodent are Good For The Prostate  (PumkinCarverD)
  2. Sir Elliott the Innocent: A deaf man, an iron arm, and a missed game of tennis.  ( Zanzabar )
  3. Sir Colin the Chaste: a Shaman, And a Ghetto Mage  (Devin)
  4. Sir Edmund the Benevolent: and The Helm of Spudness  (Devin)
  5. Sir Craig the Bold: The Shinanigans of Craig-hammad  ( Zanzabar )
  6. Sir Maurice the Brawny: the knight that got pimp slapped by a kitty  (Devin)
  7. Sir Sean the Innocent: Sir Sean the not so Innocent  (Sir Evan the.... Unknowing)
  8. Sir Quentin the Formidable: A Tale Of Apples and Fat People  ( Urf )
  9. Sir Seth the Formidable: Never Take a Spatula to a Lion Fight  ( Honker the Lunger )
  10. Sir Alexander the Intelligent: Jane, Stop that Crazy Apothecary!  ( Lefticus )
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