King Dwain's Wandering Kinghts: Bard's Tales
Bard's Tales
(list newest tales only)
  1. Sir Edmund the Bold: m3W86dEP  ( zaXNcAG9k )
  2. Sir Louis the Polite: This is a test of an emergency broadcast system.  ( Jess )
  3. Sir Jerome the Brave: The Tale of an Injurous Ursa Major  ( Chompski )
  4. Sir Jeremiah the Indomitable: and the shortest story ever  ( amerius )
  5. Sir Lionel the Innocent: and Leper Lawrence's Cross-Country Hardware Promotion  (Lefticus)
  6. Sir Byron the Evenhanded: Of Swamps, Snakes and being Scared.  ( Hannah )
  7. Sir Karl the Just: Alas, poor Alexander, we knew ye all to well.  (Daktar)
  8. Sir Todd the Evenhanded: Crew's Log o' t' Festerin' Boil  ( Paddy "Three fingers but can still play the fiddle" Muldoon )
  9. Sir Albert the Innocent: and a sackful of heads  ( Joe Bananas )
  10. Sir Maurice the Evenhanded: Killing a miscreant  ( Zuxtron )
  11. Sir Ivan the Powerful:  (Greg)
  12. Sir Robert the Indomitable: The Malice of Borris  ( Greg )
  13. Sir Frank the Brawny: Never trust a Knight Named Frank  ( Greg )
  14. Sir John the Indomitable: A Blueblooded Bore through the Mountains  ( Lefticus )
  15. Sir Quentin the Trustworthy: of 1/4 pounders and Egg McMuttons  (Joe Bananas)
  16. Sir Frank the Brave: a tale of Golem Knights, Ninja Skillz, and scary women  ( Coidzinius )
  17. Sir Albert the Zealous: Wherein Bears are proven Holier than the Religious Right  ( Coidzinius )
  18. Sir Patrick the Fierce: A Tale of a Sensitive Squire, an Outgoing Standardbearer, & a Juggler  (Lefticus)
  19. Sir Kurt the Polite: a tale of gay tomfoolery  (Pumkin)
  20. Sir Lawrence the Kind: Not very successful at all  (Daktar)
  21. Sir Jonathan the Valorous: Rodent are Good For The Prostate  (PumkinCarverD)
  22. Sir Elliott the Innocent: A deaf man, an iron arm, and a missed game of tennis.  ( Zanzabar )
  23. Sir Colin the Chaste: a Shaman, And a Ghetto Mage  (Devin)
  24. Sir Edmund the Benevolent: and The Helm of Spudness  (Devin)
  25. Sir Craig the Bold: The Shinanigans of Craig-hammad  ( Zanzabar )
  26. Sir Maurice the Brawny: the knight that got pimp slapped by a kitty  (Devin)
  27. Sir Sean the Innocent: Sir Sean the not so Innocent  (Sir Evan the.... Unknowing)
  28. Sir Quentin the Formidable: A Tale Of Apples and Fat People  ( Urf )
  29. Sir Seth the Formidable: Never Take a Spatula to a Lion Fight  ( Honker the Lunger )
  30. Sir Alexander the Intelligent: Jane, Stop that Crazy Apothecary!  ( Lefticus )
  31. Sir Patrick the Indomitable: An Uneventful and Boring Tale  ( Arto )
  32. Sir Simon the Brawny:  ( Remy )
  33. Sir Edward the Strong:  (Sir Bradley Smith)
  34. Sir Frank the Gallant: Is Really A Bandit  (Sir Gawain)
  35. Sir Albert the Daring: And A Story  (Sir Gawain)
  36. Sir Byron the Able: And the Many Thugs  (Jason)
  37. Sir Ivan the Rugged: The Tale of the Sissyist Knight and the Wretch who Loves Him  ( Lord Awesomelygreat )
  38. Sir Todd the Wise: A Guy Who, Like, Really Hates Bears  ( Heccubus )
  39. Sir Travis the Wise: Defeater Of Petty Criminals  ( Heccubus )
  40. Sir Lance the Fierce: The guy who let his friends fight for him.  (Unknown Bard)
  41. Sir John the Formidable: The story of how John got served.  (Unknown Bard)
  42. Sir Jeremiah the Brawny: A Tale of Gameboys, Lion Betrayal, and Incoherent Blather  ( Dr. Marioicus )
  43. Sir Frederick the Wise: Wherein someone takes a vow of SP4M Subject Lines  ( Lefticus )
  44. Sir Charles the True: A Short Tale that Obliquely Relates to Clowns  (Lefticus)
  45. Sir Russell the Honest: with Nina, Pinto and St. Murray...Uh.  ( Lefticus )
  46. Sir Jeremiah the Zealous: A mediocre romp through humorless fields.  (R-cus)
  47. Sir Bruce the Polite: Quests with weirdo's cause you to harm others.  (Readicus)
  48. Sir Paul the Honorable: Some Chaps Do Some Stuff  ( Lefticus )
  49. Sir Samuel the Unwavering: A Bachelor Party Gone Aquest  ( Lefticus )
  50. Sir Douglas the Gallant: And The Lurking Menace That Wasn't There  ( HentaiJenn )
  51. Sir Maurice the Able: mo mo  (Unknown Bard)
  52. Sir Louis the Daring: Vigilante, Bull-Fighter, And All Around Bad Dude  ( Heccubus )
  53. Sir Chester the Chaste:  ( Brandon )
  54. Sir Byron the Innocent: The most pointless and stoopid adventure in the world.  ( looktothesky )
  55. Sir Sean the Powerful: Meat Pants, Meat Helmets, Wolf Suits, And Body-Blushing.  ( Heccubus )
  56. Sir Craig the Humble: An epic poem becomes something much less...  ( Slade )
  57. Sir Martin the Forceful: Monstro-City, here we come!  ( Lefticus )
  58. Sir David the Brave: what a doward big dave really is!  ( the great DAN )
  59. Sir Todd the Able: Able to leap tall buildings through creative camera angles and special effects...  ( Lalaiwen )
  60. Sir Marcus the Brave: Savage Encounters in the Woods  (Jorkash)
  61. Sir Edward the Valiant: with Minnie the Harlot (beware: this tale sux bad)  ( Eldairn )
  63. Sir Jerome the Just: Knights of the Plaid Table  ( Vival Chance )
  64. Sir Phillip the Gallant: Heccubus Wastes More Time Making Fun Of The Characters In His Tale  ( Heccubus )
  65. Sir Cedric the Polite: Quite so.  ( Tuahan )
  66. Sir Isaac the Grand: the tale of the title in all lower case letters  (chaos)
  67. Sir Quentin the Grand: Sir Quentin Vs. Random Boar: Payback  ( Heccubus )
  68. Sir Craig the Kind: Sir Craig The Kind Dooms Humanity Forever  ( Heccubus )
  69. Sir Victor the Strong: A Melodrama of Romantic Proportions  ( Laura )
  70. Sir Jesse the Righteous: Brains, Fleshwounds, and Wrongful Medical Advice  ( Heccubus )
  71. Sir Kenneth the Clever: The Apothecary & the PR Man  ( Lefticus )
  72. Sir Gerald the Honest: As Tragic as a Sad Clown  ( Lefticus )
  73. Sir Victor the Courageous: The Not So Courageous Tale Of His Complete And Utter Doom  ( Heccubus )
  74. Sir Jesse the Forceful: doesn't like boats or people that lecture  ( Remmy )
  75. Sir Simon the Powerful: a Trek into the Mountains of Gymton: Let's Beef up!  ( Lefticus )
  76. Sir Lawrence the Agile: To be released spring 2004. Rating pending.  ( Tuahan )
  77. Sir Adam the Valorous: Liquor n' Naysaying...sprinkle lightly with Death...and Serve!  ( Lefticus )
  78. Sir Travis the Agile: Suspicion...  ( Slade )
  79. Sir Dieter the Gallant: John Connor + Justin Arborpond = Hyjinks!  ( Lefticus Shwartzenigor )
  80. Sir Benjamin the Courageous: The most tragic knight of them all.  (Jason)
  81. Sir Quentin the Valiant: Valiant... valiant as a rabbit. Valiant my ass!!!  ( Jason )
  82. Sir Elliott the Intelligent: Sir Elliot, the brilliant knight.  ( Jason )
  83. Sir Victor the Quick-Witted: Dumbass.  ( Jason )
  84. Sir Bradley the Stalwart: The Tragic Tale of Sir Bradley.  (Jason)
  85. Sir Jesse the Honest: Err, who's the Knight in this party???  ( Jason )
  86. Sir Martin the Sturdy: The not so Knightly Knight, and his party.  ( Jason )
  87. Sir Adam the Refined: the Whacky Adventures of Brick, Possum & Victoria Doom  ( Lefticus )
  88. Sir Louis the Chaste: The Bobster, plus a Free Spirit  ( Lefticus )
  89. Sir Harry the Rugged: The Very Tedious Search for the Ultimate Cola  ( Lefticus )
  90. Sir Lance the Unwavering: Basically woods&swamps  ( %83L-%83o )
  91. Sir Justin the Able: A Truncated Tale of Swashbuckling, Haberdashery, and Talking to Rocks  ( Cowboy Cal )
  92. Sir Phillip the Fierce: A Lesson in Temporal Mechanics.  ( Slade )
  93. Sir Gavin the Unwavering:  ( Nina )
  94. Sir Jerome the Courteous: why will i never go outside again.  ( stumpy )
  95. Sir Maurice the Chaste: and his boring tale  ( Fission )
  96. Sir Gavin the Intelligent: ...and Mighty and Experienced and......  ( Sir Nightious Fissious )
  97. Sir Nicholas the Sturdy: What are those two lumps REALLY for....  ( Fission )
  98. Sir Bartholomew the Just: Searching for... nothing!  ( Sladius Maximus' Webmasterous )
  99. Sir Christopher the Intelligent: The squire, the apocothery, the female friar, and the macrabe bard.  ( Elisha )
  100. Sir Lance the Valiant: The Quest for Eskimo  ( Tuahan )
  101. Sir Craig the Brave: An Aerobics Instructor Dooms the Mission  ( Lefticus )
  102. Sir Reginald the Noble: Bumpkins, Snobs, and Witches  ( Tuahan )
  103. Sir Jesse the Able:  ( Barry )
  104. Sir Harry the Courteous: How Courteous Is He?  ( Lefticus )
  105. Sir Marcus the Resolute: A Ballad of Sorts  ( Tuahan )
  106. Sir Charles the Righteous: A tale of evil tyranny and lots of blood.  ( Cinue til Alvaris )
  107. Sir Elliott the Humble: Sure to Land Himself a Lawsuit with the Association of Bandits and Thugs.  ( Tuahan )
  108. Sir Paul the Elegant: Barber Shop Quartets Make Lousy Back-Up Fighters  ( Lefticus )
  109. Sir Joseph the Forceful: In which lions aren't good.  ( Tuahan )
  110. Sir Gerald the Courteous: All Ladies, Great & Small  ( Titmouse )
  111. Sir Leonard the Forceful: Butter Knives, Bananas, and the Meaning Of Life  ( Lint )
  112. Sir Paul the Just: He's Old-School to the Max!  ( Slade )
  113. Sir Edward the Elegant: When Carpenters Attack (and get Mauled by Bears)  ( Lefticus )
  114. Sir Thomas the Pure: Methinks His Support Staff is Tres Cowardly  ( Laura )
  115. Sir John the Virtuous: Wisdom, Mustaches, Comical Explosions and Great Virtue  ( Lefticus )
  116. Sir Kenneth the Pure: Being Chaste Just Doesn't Cut It  ( Slade )
  117. Sir Seth the Valiant: Rocks Rocks Rocks  ( Heccubus )
  118. Sir Samuel the Unwavering: Whitey's recovery from mediocrity only yields further degeneration.  ( Reader the Writer )
  119. Sir Geoffrey the Fierce: Pibby Q. Funkenheimer's Funky Funkadelic Funk Trip  ( Heccubus )
  120. Sir Damon the Honorable: Only Not So Honorable  ( Heccubus )
  121. Sir Paul the Kind: ...or is he...?  ( Slade )
  122. Sir Chester the Brave: He makes very ballsy decisions  ( Reader the writer )
  123. Sir Anthony the Sturdy: A Flashy Sash, Two Brothers and a Palindrome  ( Lefticus )
  124. Sir Cyril the Refined: and his pals, Maury, Minnie Skurt and Kimberly  ( Lefticus )
  125. Sir Harold the Rugged: a Tale of Gung-ho, Gusto and Fried Foods  ( Lefticus )
  126. Early Tales

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