King Dwain's Wandering Kinghts: Bard's Tales
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Sebastian the Apothecary
Karl the Cook
Greg the Bard
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Entire Journey
    Sonday, Febuar 19th:
While Sir Frank the Brawny travels in North-East Gamlan, he meets a hunched drunk in a town. He tells Sir Frank the story that a mischievous creature lurks around the plain of South-West Gamlan, 14 days ride away.

Sir Frank the Brawny binds himself to defeat this pernicious villain.

Sir Frank always listens to drunks.
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    Moonsday, Febuar 20th:
Sir Frank the Brawny journeys to the west peacefully through a woods in North-East Gamlan

Very Peaceful. The birds sang, the squierrls chattered and the bugs bit.
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woods woods town
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    Twosday, Febuar 21st:
Riding west, Sir Frank comes upon a wolf in a woods in North Gamlan.

The wolf's resourcefulness outdoes Sir Frank, nevertheless Sir Frank's force overcomes the wolf, furthermore Sir Frank's speed overwhelms the wolf. Sir Frank the Brawny has slain the wolf!
In the melee, Tobias the Squire is injured!

Sir Frank is attacked by a wolf (a wolf cub - but still a wolf) As Sir Frank chased the wolf around the woods he acidently cut our squire with his sword. The wound was not serious and the squire should heal, but we are all more weary of Sir Frank, and his resolve.
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    Wedday, Febuar 22nd:
Journeying south, Sir Frank meets a thug in a plain in Central Gamlan.

The thug's energy is superior to Sir Frank--but Sir Frank's skill outdoes the thug, furthermore Sir Frank's experience is too great for the thug's cunning. Sir Frank the Brawny has slain the thug!
In the melee, Sebastian the Apothecary is injured!

Tobias the Squire feels better!

Thinking we would face less hardship in the plains, the Sir Frank took us South, however we stumbled upon a bird watcher that Sir Frank mistook as a thug. Sir Frank drew his sword and as Sebastian tried to restrain Sir Frank from killing the bird watcher he was injured and the bird watcher, killed.
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    Thorsday, Febuar 23rd:
Venturing south, Sir Frank encounters a snake in a swamp in Central Gamlan.

The snake's strength overcomes Sir Frank...nevertheless Sir Frank's sagacity overwhelms the snake, also Sir Frank's quickness is superior to the snake. Sir Frank the Brawny has defeated the snake!
In the melee, Karl the Cook is injured!

Why the devil did this lunatic take us through a swamp? Our cook tried to make the best of it and caught a snake for dinner. When he served it to Sir Frank, you guessed it, Sir Frank drew his sword to attack the snake and in the process slashed our cook. Sir Franks Sword then cut the snake in two and he then declared himself victorious.
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    Friarday, Febuar 24th to Satyrday, Febuar 25th:
Sir Frank the Brawny travels to the west without incident through the plains of Central Gamlan.
Karl the Cook dies of his injuries!

Sebastian the Apothecary feels better!

Due to the poisons in the swamp and lack of dry ground our cooks wound became infected and he died shortly. Thankfully Sebastian feels better. He and I met in secret to plot how we are to deal with Sir Frank.
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    Sonday, Febuar 26th:
Traveling south, Sir Frank the Brawny comes upon a flaxen-haired bumpkin in a farm in Central Gamlan.

Sebastian the Apothecary talks to him. The bumpkin gossips with Sebastian.

We barried our cook in the field and graciously excepted the hospitality of the farmer. Having not ate since the death of our cook, the food seemed heaven sent. perhaps our luck has changed.
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plain farm plain
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    Moonsday, Febuar 27th to Satyrday, Marsh 2nd:
Sir Frank the Brawny ventures to the south-west quickly, from a plain in Central Gamlan to a swamp in South Gamlan.

Sir Frank led us into another swamp. I showed him on the map how we could save time if we ventured round, but he saw no wisdom in my words. He called me a coward, and said my mother was a six toed horse.
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    Sonday, Marsh 3rd:
Sir Frank the Brawny reaches the plain of South-West Gamlan and finds a ruinous lion. Sir Frank the Brawny flees from it!
In the melee, Sebastian the Apothecary is injured!

After 1 day, Sebastian the Apothecary dies of his injuries.

We finally reach our destination only to be attacked by a ferocious lion. Sir rank flees back to the swamp when the lion lept upon poor Sebastion. While the lion ripped apart his flesh I was able to climb a tree and shoot an arrow through the lions heart.

When Sir Frank returned home, the news of the lion's fate had already been heard, and they celebrated him as their news hero. I took the lion with me and made quite a nice rug out of him.
woods farm swamp
woods plain swamp
farm woods swamp

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