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    Moonsday, Septre 20th:
While Sir Robert the Indomitable travels in East Himarilton, he meets a red-headed damsel in a castle. She tells Sir Robert the story that a malicious monstrosity lurks close to the plain of West Himarilton, 14 days ride away.

Sir Robert the Indomitable swears to overthrow this fell miscreant.

Being the cusin of the red-headed damsel in the castle, Sir Robert asked me to acompany him on his quest, that I might record his heroics. I agreed, and gave him my usual fee. I questioned Sir Robert on why we were bringing a juggler on our quest, but he gave me no answer. Perhaps this mystery will be unraveled later along our quest.
plain farm
plain castle
plain plain
    Twosday, Septre 21st:
Sir Robert the Indomitable rides to the north without incident through a farm in East Himarilton

Our first stop took us to a small farm, where we were greated by a humble family. While Sir Robert flirted with the farmers daughter, I was able to gather information about the road ahead. The juggler then entertained us all while juggling chickens. Sir Robert watched in wonder while the chickens were tossed up in the air and again and again. I retired early for the road ahead of us promised danger.
plain plain
plain farm
plain castle
    Wedday, Septre 22nd:
Voyaging west, Sir Robert the Indomitable meets an attractive traveler in a plain in East Himarilton.

Russell the Apothecary argues with him. The traveler argues back.

West of the farm Robert runs comes upon a wagon that had lost its wheel. A young maiden sat upon the wagon in dismay over her prediciment. Sir Robert was mesmorized at the woman's beauty. He had his squire see to repairing the wagon and made camp. I caught Sir Robert whispering to Russel while the juggler entertained the young maiden. Later, Russel the Apothecary tried to get the young maiden to drink from a cup. The maiden refused, and this angered the Apothecary. While I tried to reason with Russel, the Juggler took the drink himself and chugged the entire cup. Shortly after, the Juggler was fast asleep. Russel remained irritated and Sir Robert seemed cross with him the rest of the evening.

The young maiden stayed with me by the fire that night, as it was my turn to keep watch. We shared stories, and I played some soft melodies until she fell asleep.
plain plain plain
plain plain farm
plain plain castle
    Thorsday, Septre 23rd:
Rambling north, Sir Robert confronts a bandit in a plain in East Himarilton.

The bandit's nimbleness matches Sir Robert's skill, but Sir Robert's cunning overcomes the bandit's sagacity, and Sir Robert's power overwhelms the bandit. Sir Robert the Indomitable has slain the bandit!

The next morning Sir Robert insited that the young maiden travel withus, since traveling along could be dangerous. She agreed, and it was good she did, for not too long later we met up with a thug. The thug demanded that Sir Robert release the young maiden to him, that she was his daugter and Sir Robert had no claim to her. The young maiden denied that this man was her father, which lead to a battle of swords. Thankfully Sir Robert slayed the thug with ease. Yet there was a greater mistery as to who this young maiden was.
plain plain plain
plain plain plain
plain plain farm
    Friarday, Septre 24th to Wedday, Septre 29th:
Sir Robert the Indomitable rides to the north-west confidently, from a plain in East Himarilton to a woods in Central Himarilton.

Our jouney took us into a forest. Some time that night the young maiden slipped away. I warned sir Robert of the wild boars the roamed these woods. He said little but heeded my warnings.
plain town woods woods woods woods woods
woods woods plain plain plain plain woods
swamp woods plain plain plain plain plain
woods farm plain plain plain plain plain
    Thorsday, Septre 30th:
Going west, Sir Robert confronts a boar in a woods in Central Himarilton.

The boar's agility is superior to Sir Robert, yet Sir Robert's strength outdoes the boar's toughness; furthermore Sir Robert's wisdom overwhelms the boar. Sir Robert the Indomitable has slain the boar!

Our last day in the woods of Central Himarilton we encountered a giant wild boare. It charged our party and we had no choice but to scatter. The juggler ran to the right and the giant boare followed him. The giant boare was gaining ground and would have trampled the juggler if not for the well placed arrow from the squire who had hidden himself behind a tree. The giant boare wrethed in pain and spun around to charge the squire, whom he had now spotted. Sir Robert bravely steped in front of the boare and held a pike out firmly. The boare charged right into it and then fell to the ground.
plain plain town
farm woods woods
woods swamp woods
    Friarday, Octre 1st:
Trekking west, Sir Robert the Indomitable comes upon a fat peasant in a farm in Central Himarilton.

Jeremiah the Squire shoves him. The peasant runs away.

Rumors of the boare being slain must have reached a nearby village as the next day we came upon a peasant who stated to us that Sir Robert had slain the boar all by himself. this irritated the young squire who then pushed the peasant to the ground in disgust.
woods plain plain
woods farm woods
woods woods swamp
    Satyrday, Octre 2nd to Sonday, Octre 3rd:
Sir Robert the Indomitable ventures to the west quickly through the woods of Central Himarilton.

Sir Robert grew impatient with our journey and pushed us dill dark. We had made good time that day and were only a half a days journey from Sir Robert's destination. That night I spoke with the juggler. he confided in me that he was once a thug and that he could identify the man Sir Robert was to kill. The juggler went on to explain that he had changed his ways and found a living working for sir Robert by entertaining his guests.
swamp plain woods plain
plain woods woods farm
plain woods woods woods
    Moonsday, Octre 4th:
Sir Robert the Indomitable reaches the plain of West Himarilton and finds a mischievous thug.

Sir Robert proves far superior to the thug. Sir Robert the Indomitable has slain the thug!

This day we ventured into a misty grassland where we came upon a small palisade. Russel had prepared a tonic and the squired had poored the tonic over cotton and then tied the cotton to his arrows.

Jeremiah drew his bow and began to circle round Borris while the juggler ran for cover.

Sir Robert approched the gate of the palisade and demanded entery that he might bring justice to the thug within. No gate was opened but an arrow pierce Sir Robert's shield. Sir Robert retreated to where his squire was mounted.

He signalled the squire who then lit his arrows and began to shoot them at the gate. The gate caught fire, and black smoke filled the air.

Then inside a scream was heard from a woman. Sir Robert thought it a trap, but I was not going to sit to find out. I grabed a rope, charged the gate and threw the rope onto the wall till it tied securely to it. Jeremiah the squire followed with me, so did Lionelthe juggler, and then Sir Robert, who did not wish that I steal his glory. Together we mounted the wall and inside the palisade. there in the middle of the courteyard stood the Thug named Borris the Bold. Lionel identified him and reassured Sir Robert that the man in the courtyard was he. Borris stood holding close to him the young maiden that I had befriended earlier in our travels. It seems that this brute was her brother whom she tried to warn. Russell finally scalled the wall and threw a bottle toward Borris, which shattered at his feet. a cloud of black smoke sprang up from the spilled liquid. Sir Robert sprang into action and charged the black cloud, I followed him closely and together we both dove head first into the cloud of smoke.

When the air had cleared Sir Robert stood sword in hand above borris who was slain. I, still on the ground laid onto of the young maiden, who seeing her slain brother, began to cry.

Thus the villan was slain, and would no longer plague the land with his malice.
swamp swamp plain
plain plain woods
plain plain woods

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