Mr. Sprinkles!
'The Adventures of Mr. Sprinkles' Walkthrough
Level 4254:

To start off with, proceed to your right. Look out; you'll run into many rats. The fourth conceals a cupcake worth 600 points. Finish the rats. Right away you'll spot 1 black boar; clobber it. After the following elevator you'll encounter a bunch of them, and chomp them. After the following mountain you'll bump into a couple yellow birds...elude them, and the first will give you an orange worth 800 points. Jump on them. After the following tree you'll find a cookie worth 800 points. Then you'll have to deal with a turtle. Hit the turtle. Proceed up and you'll bump into a slew of wolfs...clobber them. Proceed left and you'll uncover an extra life.

Look out; you'll encounter some turtles. Strike them. Now you'll spot many birds. Don't forget to side-step them. Jump on them. Then you'll see 7 white goats; be sure to duck them. Finish them. Now you'll bump into 6 aliens; dodge them, and hit the aliens. Next to a hill, you'll come across an apple worth 600 points. Near a tree you'll dig up a salad worth 1500 points. Go right and you'll recover some sunglasses. Go down and you'll meet some bats...make sure you jump over them. Slay them.

Look out; you'll be greeted by 3 bugs; duck them, and clobber them. Next to a block you'll find a couple stars. Following that you'll be faced with 5 guardians; whip out the stars to slay the guardians. The fourth has a weird symbol worth 800 points. Then you'll run into 7 rhinos; jump on them. Evade them, and the second is clutching a few coins. After the following pillar, you'll discover an energy refill. Next you'll meet 7 guardians; don't forget to jump over them. Utilize your ol' stars to shoot them. Then you'll be greeted by a lot of pink rhinos. Use the stars to slay the pink rhinos. After the following tan door you'll uncover a candy worth 800 points.

Now you'll come nose-to-nose with a pig. Side-step it, and it conceals a donut. Strike it. Go to the left and you reach a looming bright red purple laser beam. Equip your trusty sunglasses to escape it. You've finished the level.

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