Mr. Sprinkles!
'The Adventures of Mr. Sprinkles' Walkthrough
Level 4139:

At the beginning of this level, go right. Next you'll spot a hoard of grey rats. Whack them. Go to the left and you'll uncover a club. Now you'll run into 3 pigs; use your club to finish them. Go up and you'll meet many monsters...the first will give you a meatloaf worth 1000 points. You'll need the club to strike them. After the following river you'll find a yo-yo. After the following hill you'll see a lot of rats...avoid them, and use your ol' club to do away with them. Proceed to your left and you'll come across a spoon worth 1200 points. After the following red door, you'll discover a coin.

Next to a hill you'll locate a grappling hook. Next to an elevator you reach an orangeish bright purple mine field. You'll want your grappling hook to circumnavigate it. Go right and you'll be greeted by a sure to elude it. Utilize your trusty yo-yo to zap it. After the following river you'll find a magic wand. Go to the left and you'll be faced with a couple black sure you side-step them. Use the club to finish the black robots. Next you'll have to deal with a lot of dark brown bats. Dodge them, and utilize your trusty magic wand to chomp the dark brown bats. Go to the left and you'll locate many stars. Now you'll encounter 5 birds; you'll need the yo-yo to zap them.

Next to a pillar, you'll discover a bomb. Next to a platform your quest will meet a blue ladder. Hop it. Proceed up and you'll uncover a yellow potion. Proceed left and you'll locate an extra life. After that you'll spot 8 tan monsters; bite them. Look out; a few boars will see your invasion--use your club to blast them. Then you'll have to deal with 1 sheep; finish the sheep. Go to the right and you reach a passageway. Now take out the bomb to get by it.

Right away you'll run into 6 rats; use your yo-yo to clobber the rats. Near a hill, you'll find a slew of arrows. Go up and you'll locate a crown worth 500 points. Next to a hill you'll find a towel worth 1200 points. Go to the right and you'll spot a couple take out the stars to shoot the goats. Near a hill, you'll locate a bunch of stars. After the following stairway you'll have to deal with a lot of them, and whip out your stars to clobber them. Proceed up and you'll recover some boots.

Go left and you reach a column. You'll want the boots to jump over it. You're whisked away to the next level.

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