Mr. Sprinkles!
'The Adventures of Mr. Sprinkles' Walkthrough
Level 4198:

To start off with, go to the left. Near a house you'll find an umbrella. Next you'll be greeted by many aliens. Jump on them. Next to a hill you'll come across a magic wand. After the following river you'll find a trampoline. Proceed left and you'll come across a few fireballs. After the following hill, look out; you'll run into a spiked floor; jump over it. Next you'll see 6 clowns; run from them, and whip out your magic wand to zap the clowns. Go to the right and you'll be greeted by some guardians...the sixth will give you an extra life. Chomp them.

Right away you'll be faced with a lot of bears. Don't forget to dodge them. Utilize your trusty fireballs to clobber them. After the following elevator, you reach a huge green brick. Use your umbrella to pass it. Next to a stone you'll recover a few arrows. Go down and you'll discover a tiara worth 1500 points. After that you'll be greeted by a bunch of clowns. Utilize your trusty magic wand to slay the clowns. Now many sheeps will encounter your invasion--elude them, and use your fireballs to jump on them. After that you'll be faced with a few goats. Now take out the magic wand to do away with the goats. Duck them, and the second hides a coin. After the following mauve door, you'll run into a bird...use your favorite fireballs to hit it.

After the following hill, you'll have to deal with a lot of sure to dodge them. Utilize your trusty arrows to blast the hunters. Look out; you'll see a slew of aliens. Elude them, and you'll want your ol' magic wand to zap them. Proceed to your right and you'll meet many careful to jump over them. Use your favorite magic wand to bop the turtles. The first conceals a weird symbol worth 700 points. Now you'll encounter some clowns. Equip your fireballs to do away with them. Proceed right and you'll have to deal with a slew of sure to side-step them. You'll need the arrows to clobber them. Then you'll bump into some blue robots. Do away with them. After the following elevator, you'll encounter a lot of bugs...use your arrows to hit them. The second hides a cheese worth 1400 points. Next to a green pit, you reach a tree with a door. Now take out your trusty trampoline to escape it. On to bigger challenges in the next level...

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