Mr. Sprinkles!
'The Adventures of Mr. Sprinkles' Walkthrough
Level 4116:

At the beginning of this level, proceed to your left. Next you'll bump into 7 rats; don't forget to dodge them. Bop the rats. After the following mountain you'll find a heart worth 1100 points. Following that an alien will will run into your quest--be sure you avoid it. Bite it. Then you'll be greeted by 1 goat; clobber it. Following that you'll have to deal with 4 robots; bite the robots. Go right and you'll discover a remote control. Right away you'll be greeted by 2 sheeps; be sure to evade them. Chomp the sheeps. Near a hill, next you'll run into a swamp. Jump it.

Proceed left and you'll dig up an energy refill. Proceed up and you'll locate a donut worth 1600 points. Proceed right and you'll be faced with a couple sure you dodge them. Strike the elephants. The fourth is carrying a crown worth 1200 points. Then a lot of bears will come nose-to-nose with your charge--duck them, and bop them. After the following brown door you'll discover a few fireballs. After the following platform then you'll encounter a rock fall; hop it. Right away you'll spot some rhinos. Jump on them. Then a hoard of bugs will encounter your invasion--punch them. Jump over them, and the second is holding some rocks.

Go up and your quest will be halted by a pit. Dodge over it. Now you'll meet a bunch of clowns. Jump over them, and you'll want your fireballs to clobber them. Proceed to your left and you'll dig up a sling-shot. Proceed right and you'll discover a candy worth 1900 points. Next you'll run into some elephants. Utilize the rocks to bite the elephants. Proceed up and you'll come across an one-up. Proceed down and you'll discover a crown worth 900 points. After the following platform then you'll be hassled by a mine field. Jump over it.

Near a yellow tree you'll find a hot dog worth 1200 points. Proceed right and following that you'll run into a lava flow; hop over it. Next to a platform you'll discover an energy boost. Go left and you reach a passageway. Use your ol' remote control to run from it. On to bigger challenges in the next level...

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