Mr. Sprinkles!
'The Adventures of Mr. Sprinkles' Walkthrough
Level 4336:

To start off with, go up. Go to the right and you'll find a sandwich worth 1200 points. Proceed left and you'll locate a lot of coins. Near a bush you'll find a coin. After the following house, you'll meet some robots...bonk them. Look out; you'll run into 5 clowns; bop them. The third is carrying a backpack. Near a green door your quest will be hassled by a pit; dodge over it. Near a bush your invasion will run into a dark purple stone...hop it. After the following grey brick, you'll discover a mess of stars.

After the following platform then you'll meet a light yellow pillar--jump it. Next to a house now you'll run into a rapid river. Jump over it. Next to a white tree, you'll come across a tiara worth 700 points. After that you'll bump into a couple blue robots. Jump on them. The first will give you a cheese worth 1200 points. Next you'll come nose-to-nose with a bunch of orange aliens. The second hides a bomb. You'll want your trusty stars to hit the orange aliens. After the following elevator, you'll locate a yo-yo. After the following tree, you'll encounter a few from them, and equip your ol' yo-yo to slay the rats. After the following hill you'll meet a hoard of birds...use your yo-yo to do away with them.

After the following elevator you'll recover a tangerine worth 900 points. After the following platform your exploration will meet a swamp. Equip the bomb to jump it. Near a pink door after that you'll encounter a rapid river; hop it. Near an elevator right away you'll run into a spiked floor. Dodge over it. Go up and look out; you'll be hassled by a rapid river; jump it. Next to an elevator you'll discover a tan key. Now you'll see a slew of rhinos. Whip out your yo-yo to slay them. After the following brown black laser beam your quest will meet a dark grey house; hop over it.

Go down and you'll find a meatloaf worth 600 points. Go to the left and you'll uncover a lever. Proceed up and you reach a tree with a door. Use the bomb to pass it. After the following platform your invasion will encounter a spiked floor...jump it. Proceed left and you reach a blue door. Now take out your ol' tan key to get through it. On to bigger challenges in the next level...

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