Mr. Sprinkles!
'The Adventures of Mr. Sprinkles' Walkthrough
Level 4157:

To start off with, proceed down. After the following purple brick you'll meet a couple sure to run from them. Finish the monsters. Proceed down and you'll uncover many coins. After the following tree you'll discover a slew of rocks. After the following stone you'll locate a drill. Near a house, you'll be greeted by a grey boar...bop it. It is holding a towel. Next to an elevator you'll come nose-to-nose with some blue careful to evade them. You'll need your favorite rocks to finish them. After the following river you'll uncover an ice cream worth 1600 points. After the following platform you'll discover a heart worth 1500 points.

Then you'll be greeted by 4 monsters; bonk them. Next you'll meet a bunch of birds. Don't forget to avoid them. Now take out your ol' rocks to bop the birds. The first has an one-up. After that a few clowns will be faced with your advance--use the rocks to shoot them. Next to a hill you'll encounter a slew of elephants...slay them. Now many pigs will spot your conquest--strike them. The third is carrying a bunch of stars. Look out; you'll be greeted by 1 bat; dodge it, and whip out your rocks to strike the bat. Go to the right and you'll uncover a blue potion. Now a couple birds will meet your exploration--hit them.

After the following pillar you'll come nose-to-nose with a blue rat...equip the rocks to clobber it. Right away you'll spot many pink bears. Finish them. Then you'll encounter a robot. Evade it, and do away with the robot. Next a slew of rats will be faced with your advance--whack the rats. Go right and you'll find a crown worth 1600 points. Now you'll encounter 8 robots; be sure you elude them. Bite them. Then you'll meet a bear. It has got a cake. Bonk it. After the following pillar you'll discover a soda worth 1400 points.

Next you'll come nose-to-nose with some rats. Elude them, and bop the rats. Next to a hill you'll locate a bracelet worth 600 points. Right away you'll be faced with 8 goats; finish them. After the following elevator you reach a tree with a door. Now take out your trusty drill to dodge it. You're whisked away to the next level.

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