Mr. Sprinkles!
'The Adventures of Mr. Sprinkles' Walkthrough
Level 4174:

To start off with, proceed down. Go to the right and you'll find a salad worth 1100 points. After the following hill, you'll dig up a blue potion. After the following river, you'll find some boots. Next to a tree you'll recover a balloon. Look out; a light green elephant will will bump into your conquest--bop the light green elephant. Then you'll run into some bats. Dodge them, and do away with them. After the following ladder following that you'll run into a mine field. Hop it. Now you'll meet 4 bugs; don't forget to run from them. Chomp them.

Right away you'll encounter some birds. Bite them. The fourth is carrying a nectarine worth 1000 points. Next to a house, you'll find a grey card. After the following bush, you'll recover a bomb. After that you'll meet a lot of rhinos. The second is holding a cupcake worth 1200 points. Hit them. Next some turtles will be faced with your quest--the second is clutching an energy boost. Use your trusty bomb to strike them. Go right and you'll find a sling-shot. Near a bush you'll uncover a meatloaf worth 400 points. Go to the right and you'll meet many sure you jump over them. Utilize the sling-shot to slay them. The fifth is holding a hot dog worth 1200 points.

Near a stairway you'll dig up a towel worth 1000 points. Go right and you reach a tree with a door. You'll need your grey card to pass it. Proceed right and you'll come nose-to-nose with a mess of sure to duck them. Use the sling-shot to blast the clowns. The first is carrying a smoke bomb. Then you'll meet a robot. Jump over it, and hit it. Proceed up and you'll uncover a crown worth 700 points. Now you'll see 1 rat; punch it. Following that you'll encounter 3 guardians; you'll need your trusty sling-shot to strike them. Then a bird will will have to deal with your attack--you'll want the bomb to do away with it.

Proceed to your left and you'll dig up a cake worth 1000 points. Go up and you'll encounter a couple'll need your sling-shot to chomp the goats. The second is clutching a note. After the following bush you'll come nose-to-nose with some away with the monsters. After the following elevator you'll uncover a green potion. Next to a mountain you'll discover a towel worth 800 points. Next you'll be greeted by 3 guardians; be sure you duck them. Whip out your ol' bomb to shoot them. After the following platform, you reach a looming block. Utilize your trusty balloon to get through it. And that's all it takes!

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