Mr. Sprinkles!
'The Adventures of Mr. Sprinkles' Walkthrough
Level 4222:

At the beginning of this level, proceed down. Look out; you'll spot a few bats. Duck them, and hit them. After that you'll bump into 9 bugs; don't forget to run from them. Strike them. Near a river, now you'll meet a pit...hop over it. Next you'll come nose-to-nose with a bunch of tan bears. Bonk them. Next to a platform, you'll meet a couple white pigs...finish the white pigs. Proceed up and following that you'll run into a lava flow. Jump over it. Next you'll have to deal with 1 turtle; jump on the turtle. Proceed to your left and you'll find a black potion.

Go to the right and now you'll meet a rock fall; jump it. Next you'll spot 3 sheeps; slay them. The third surrenders a muffin worth 1000 points. Proceed up and now you'll be hassled by a pink laser beam; hop it. Following that you'll encounter a red rat. Be sure to dodge it. Clobber it. Go to the left and you'll meet an elephant...strike it. After the following platform you'll locate a hot dog worth 1200 points. After the following desert, you'll discover a heart worth 1300 points. Go left and you'll come across a cake worth 1300 points.

Near a desert you'll recover a salad worth 1200 points. After the following black door you'll discover a couple rocks. Next you'll spot 1 wolf; it will give you many arrows. You'll need your rocks to finish it. Right away some robots will come nose-to-nose with your exploration--duck them, and you'll want your favorite rocks to hit them. Next to a bush you'll encounter many rats...the first hides a lot of rocks. Use your rocks to blast the rats. Go to the right and you'll find a heart worth 600 points. After the following cloud you'll discover a purple potion. Near a pillar you'll uncover a tangerine worth 900 points.

Proceed right and you reach a yellow door. You'll need your trusty black potion to get through it. This level is history.

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