Mr. Sprinkles!
'The Adventures of Mr. Sprinkles' Walkthrough
Level 4301:

To start off with, proceed to your left. Right away a lot of goats will run into your invasion--dodge them, and clobber the goats. After the following tree you'll find a coin. Next to a house you'll discover a couple stars. Following that you'll see a lot of turtles. Bonk the turtles. Next you'll come nose-to-nose with some aliens. Equip the stars to bop the aliens. Now you'll encounter a hoard of wolfs. Avoid them, and use your stars to bite them. Now you'll be faced with a bug. Bonk it. Go to the right and you'll come across an ice cream worth 800 points.

Then you'll see 5 blue guardians; be sure you evade them. Hit the blue guardians. After the following tan rapid river, you'll find a hoard of arrows. Next to a pillar you'll encounter a couple them, and utilize the stars to hit them. Go down and you'll uncover a stick of dynamite. Following that you'll bump into a slew of bugs. Bop them. Then you'll meet 2 boars; use your stars to clobber them. Proceed right and you'll discover an apple worth 1200 points. Go up and you'll find a heart worth 900 points.

Now a few bears will encounter your attack--run from them, and jump on the bears. Following that you'll meet 7 aliens; jump over them, and equip the arrows to strike them. Look out; you'll be faced with a hoard of tan rats. You'll want your arrows to hit them. After the following block you'll recover a tiara worth 1700 points. Proceed to your left and you'll locate a blue potion. After the following cloud you'll discover a trampoline. Then you'll encounter a slew of bears. Use your trusty stars to do away with them. Dodge them, and the third is clutching a nectarine worth 200 points. Next some wolfs will meet your advance--be sure to elude them. Finish them.

Go to the right and you'll be greeted by a hoard of robots...whip out the stick of dynamite to clobber them. Following that you'll bump into some wolfs. Bop the wolfs. Next to a river you reach a brooding portcullis. Now take out your trusty trampoline to bypass it. You've finished the level.

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