Mr. Sprinkles!
'The Adventures of Mr. Sprinkles' Walkthrough
Level 4275:

To start off with, proceed down. Next you'll see a lot of wolfs. Jump on them. After the following elevator you'll find an one-up. Following that you'll encounter 5 robots; be sure to dodge them. Clobber the robots. Then you'll be greeted by 1 alien; evade it, and chomp the alien. After the following hill you'll discover a spoon worth 900 points. After the following stone you'll recover a bomb. Next to a desert, you'll uncover a lot of fireballs. Look out; you'll see 2 robots; run from them, and do away with them.

Next you'll come nose-to-nose with 6 blue goats; you'll want the bomb to blast them. Near a tree you'll dig up an extra life. Then you'll see 6 mauve turtles; finish them. The fifth is holding a cake worth 800 points. Now you'll be faced with 1 bat; now take out your bomb to strike the bat. Right away you'll spot a rat. Bop it. Proceed right and you'll encounter a slew of monsters...use the bomb to finish the monsters. Go down and you'll find some boots. Look out; a lot of bats will bump into your invasion--punch them. The fourth is clutching a cupcake worth 900 points.

Now you'll see a slew of birds. Utilize your fireballs to strike them. The third is carrying a heart worth 1300 points. Then you'll bump into a couple sheeps. Evade them, and use your trusty bomb to bop them. Then you'll be faced with a monster. Bonk it. Next to a platform, you reach a brooding house. Utilize the boots to dodge it. You're whisked away to the next level.

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