Mr. Sprinkles!
'The Adventures of Mr. Sprinkles' Walkthrough
Level 4185:

To start off with, go up. Go to the right and you'll find a soda worth 1500 points. Near a stone, then you'll be hassled by a rapid river; hop over it. Look out; a couple hunters will encounter your attack--run from them, and whack them. Next to a column you'll locate an energy boost. Go right and you'll find a hoard of fireballs. Next to a grey lava flow you'll discover a spoon worth 1300 points. Next to a hill you'll recover a donut worth 1000 points. Proceed to your right and you'll uncover a necklace worth 500 points.

Next to a column now you'll run into a spiked floor--jump over it. Near a cloud your exploration will meet a lava flow; jump it. Go to the left and you'll run into a lot of guardians...evade them, and you'll need your fireballs to shoot them. Then you'll meet 1 bear; jump over it, and utilize the fireballs to hit the bear. Then you'll be faced with a couple green birds. Be sure to elude them. Use your trusty fireballs to shoot the green birds. Proceed right and now you'll run into a rock fall; hop it. Go to the right and you'll come across a hat worth 500 points. Look out; you'll come nose-to-nose with 6 guardians; don't forget to side-step them. Finish them.

Proceed down and you'll meet a from it, and do away with the rhino. After the following hill you'll find a drill. Then you'll encounter a boar. Chomp the boar. Go left and next you'll encounter a pit...jump it. Go to the right and you'll recover an orange worth 600 points. Proceed to your left and you reach a mountain with a door. You'll need the drill to get through it. This level is history.

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