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what feature(s) would you most be interested in, loyal reader(s)?
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Mon Jan 7 15:40:26 2008
1) Restoring the King Dwain Knights tales..
2) Restoring the ARRR project
3) Restoring some miscellanious other junk
4) Some new comics/blomics or something, for cryin' out loud!
Mon Jan 7 19:02:54 2008
I miss Secrobs! I would enjoy very much to see that project resurrected, and to have a hand at making zany robot comics again. They were ever-so-fun, and I think you had an awesome idea going there. Also, beating a dead horse here, Two Skulls That Talk and Gumhead & fISHGUY.
I realize that none of this is likely to happen.
Mon Jan 7 19:03:17 2008
Also, Bard's tales.
Mon Jan 7 19:38:20 2008
well, i had some ideas for other cooperative blomics; like "DAN FRIZZEL, introspective pro wrestler", & "Monkey on a Sea-Doo™, Parrot on a ATV, Bear on a Jumbotron™", & ...I don't know; "Count Snowman, Happy 'til He Dies"
Mon Jan 7 20:34:44 2008
--incidentally, the secrobs archives were lost in the server crash. I may try to plum the Wayback machine to copy out the actual text of the comics & repopulate the database, but that's the best I can do (the problem with having a comic that relies on a database & then not recovering all the databases after a server death).

But again, on to more happy news - I'm thinking the main new feature of of rockstarnerd.com is a bunch of simultaneously-released Blomics.
Mon Jan 7 21:44:07 2008
Maybe from now on, if I find myself involved in another blomic, I will take screen caps of all so that there exists a third-party jpeg version of the whole gosh-darned thing. It's a shame that the archive was lost. Some of the story arcs we crafted were the work of mad-scientist style genius.
Mon Jan 7 21:47:20 2008
well, i can make a "show me a tab-delimited version of the database" thing in any future blomic admin--so you could save that & it could be re-imported.
Mon Jan 7 22:27:45 2008
additionally "Bigfoots vs Yetis" seems like a good idea.
Mon Jan 7 23:01:14 2008
Dan Frizzel seems like someone who needs to have his ponderous adventures chronicled for all to see.
Mon Feb 18 10:20:38 2008
The thing that made King Dwain great, aside from user-driven content and all that rubbish, was the sheer adventurous spirit that the knights and their crewe had. They traveled together sharing their triumphs and their struggles, trapping a boar one day and dancing with villagers the next, never forgetting their mission nor the true meaning of friendship.

Wyvernboy doesn't have that, because he (usually) doesn't travel on the same bright and pleasant terrain, and he's just one guy with no friends, and he never accomplishes anything or gets a break where he can kick back with a tankard of ale and listen as a bard tells his epic tale.

Hey, whatever happened to the Gnome Project?
Tue Feb 19 15:48:56 2008
holy crap, do people still remember the Gnomes? I should totally put that back up, its the kind of low-key silliness (like Happy Ninja Magic Action Compatriot) that ends up getting more traffic than months-long, updated-5-times-a-week comics like Haster Linkletter..
Sun Feb 24 06:28:40 2008
Ok, I fixed the King Dwain Tales now :)
Wed Feb 27 09:21:14 2008
Wed Feb 27 16:18:38 2008
daydreaming about new features: basically letting you create a rockstarnerd.com-wide login, which would eventually let you do a buncha stuff..

but one of the first ideas would be that you'd be able to write ongoing King Dwain tales--where, once you've written one tale the survivors get to be part of your next tale & so on, until the knight dies (perhaps he'd even level-up between every 1-3 quests or something--it was originally built for leveling up), getting replacement support staff as they die..
Wed Mar 12 14:54:25 2008
The first is more or less a matter of setting up a session variable from a rockstarnerd.com login page, no? I don't know I'm thinking from an asp-scripting standpoint, which is all I can say I'm that familiar with. But I mean, it would just be a matter of having a dandy little database with the users' attributes (username, email, etc) stored in it... Jeez I'm getting all hot 'n' bothered just thinking about how interesting it could be to set something like that up...
I don't know that sounds neat anyway, even though I more or less only access Polymorph from R*N (can that be the official abbreviated form of the name from now on?)
Wed Mar 12 15:47:25 2008
yep, just users creating database accounts, & using session variables to store the fact they're logged in. & since Polymorph is the only hosted site that has applications on it obviously the login would be most useful here :)

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