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I knew him, Horatio--a man of Infinite Quest
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Mon Jan 14 16:27:50 2008
Ok, so i haven't spent the 2-4 hours to make a database write/edit & blomic display, but (the way most of our brains work, i'll wager) I'm wasting a lot of mental compute cycles on the idea that, damn, it shouldn't be hard to make a system that auto-generates Final Fantasy-type games. In ways this would be easier than WyvernQuest, because the mechanics wouldn't have to be as finely balanced (it would just be "L1 Sword: d8 damage. L1 Body Armor: 4 Absorb. L1 Fire Spell: d10 damage, limited uses. L1 Heal Spell: d8 healing, limited uses.").

The hard part would be making world maps where you start in a limited play field--partially limited by the fact that stuff will kick your____ if you try to go too far w/o leveling up/getting equipment--but actually hard-limited by various stuff; for example, Lock-types (monster/wall/door/thing that needs an item to get rid of, & which blocks a vital connecting thing) and Terrain-types (you need a boat for this kind of ocean, heavy snow gear to move through the tundra, etc) and multi-unlocks (a zeplin or dragon will fly over anything [but X, if it doesn't unlock the entire world.]).

Once you've got the map-building, & put the things that further unlock maps as the objects of boss-fights, sprinkle towns to upgrade your gear, & throw in cheap Dungeons (long areas totally separated from the world map), & you're just about done. Then you can put in place-holder dialogue ("[King Encourages You]", "[Villian Taunts You]"), & voila! A Complete Final Fantasy Game!

However, if you want to make it infinite, there are any number of tricks for sending them to a new world, more difficult than the last, with everything but their terrain-crossing stuff (so they go over as Level 40 guys with Zmanthium Swords of Moldor...well, on Planet 2 [connected by a warp-gate that the heros of old sealed eons ago, but which now the current villian has opened], everyone is level 45! & the current planet's villian gets killed part-way through each "next" planet/dimension/timeline, revealing themselves as just a pawn of the NEWEST big villian).

It can't miss!
Tue Jan 15 06:07:53 2008
...well, anyway I fixed a bug in the WyvernQuest census ( http://wyvernquest.com/census.php ) that's been buggin' me forever..
Mon Mar 17 03:58:55 2008
I'm doing some work on this again -- at least enough where it can do the mechanics of combat (not including any magic yet).
Mon Mar 17 03:59:07 2008
(oops, that was of course me posting that)
Wed Jul 23 06:45:56 2008
Hehehe. This sounds really silly-fun! I hope you continue working on it. I'd offer to help again but you always ignore me and want to do this stuff by yourself, which is cool, but yeah... :-P good luck PHPing!
Wed Jul 23 14:48:57 2008
Yeah, I'm kind of a dink that way -- I don't know if I have a collaborative bone in my body. I'm pretty sure I have a clavical bone though.

BUT! the thing that is really helpful is feedback from folks, cuz when I feel like people are interested in a project, it makes me more inclined to work on it. (though I've been pretty busy lately..)

Basically my current stumbling block is that Enemies are too close a match for players. I'm thinking I need to randomize their HP (like, what currently is their starting HP should be their 'hit dice').

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