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Wed Feb 27 21:17:07 2008
Fri Feb 29 21:42:58 2008
Hah! Worst...xmas...ever. The King Dwain tales even have monsterous encounters that can happen in farms & towns & castles, & some of them make some sense (sick livestock attacking people on a farm), whereas others of them are more challenges to Knight's honor...

Friarday, Decre 25th:
Sir Dominic the Stalwart reaches the farm of North-East Gennemail and finds a ruinous seducer. Sir Dominic the Stalwart escapes from her!
In the melee, Dieter the Wise Man is injured!
After 2 days, Dieter the Wise Man feels better.

I'm not sure how Dieter was injured, though. Perhaps the peril WAS too perilous, after all!

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