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Wed Mar 26 02:26:36 2008
suggested the tree, neighborhood and saw often they had I went
Wed Mar 26 14:40:18 2008
spam, spam, spam, spam!
ipban, ipban, ipban, ipban!
Wed Mar 26 16:29:48 2008
hah, it gets better. Wee!
Thu Mar 27 13:03:40 2008
(oops, having deleted their spam content-free king dwain posts, the above link no longer works...LIKE THEIR ATTEMPT TO SPAM).

la la.
Thu Apr 3 05:17:40 2008
incidentally, I'm no longer supporting links cuz folks'r spammin'. Additionally, all pages set to no-index, no-follow :)

so, I'll occasionally muck out the site for spambots too stupid to realize they're no longer getting free links, & that their text is no longer going to be indexed anyway...the rest of the time we can just sit back & enjoy.

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