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Fri Apr 4 10:29:00 2008
I'd surprise accomplish http://finddrugs.tripod.com/buy-levitra.html
Fri Apr 4 13:10:39 2008
o, lucy...you've got a lot of link-spamming to fail at :)
Fri Apr 4 19:02:49 2008
What I like is how this person would SURPRISE accomplish it. Like just accomplishing it isn't enough, so they're going to SURPRISE! Accomplish it!
Sat Apr 5 01:24:42 2008
Well, if I found drugs on a tripod, I'd probably be surprised by that accomplishment!

I guess those killer tripods from Mars have decided that it would be easier to destroy our children with drugs than by invading the earth...I bet they got the idea after the "War of the Worlds" martians caught a cold & died! (SPOILER!)

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