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Sat Apr 5 13:40:54 2008
I still I still http://video-training-video-training-video-training.com/free-adobe-photoshop-video-training.html forts a young damage height. http://video-training-video-training-video-training.com/digital-video-training-california.html
Sat Apr 5 18:32:51 2008
I'm conflicted -- should I try to block these posts, or should I keep them up for entertainment value...what do you think, guys?

Evidently Max Headroom got some young damage height, and is REALLY interested in Video Training.
Sun Apr 6 05:37:57 2008
well, they're posting too many, so i'll just try to shut 'em down.
Sun Apr 6 05:42:03 2008
so, yeah..
Mon Apr 7 15:57:53 2008
I may have done my job A LITTLE TOO WELL! 1.5 days w/ no new spammy goodness.

Oh well. If they were just spamming old posts, that'd be better..but creating new posts is a bit gouche.
Mon Apr 14 21:32:45 2008
ah, they're trying again! How cute.
Tue Apr 15 02:27:36 2008
Tue Apr 15 14:52:09 2008
...worst...tale...evar :)
I'll have to spam-protect those tonight.
Sat Jun 7 20:18:03 2008
hmmm, for some reason they're spamming King Dwain again, even though it doesn't create links..
Mon Jun 9 06:53:50 2008
I want to write an epic King Dwain tale in iambic pentameter rhyming tercets (a la Divine Comedy), but that would be work.
Mon Jun 9 12:57:22 2008
yeah, i have the same problem w/ doing new stuff. or even fixing the king dwain thing to make it more spam-proof. Stupid work, why can't stuff just be done instantly?
Tue Jun 10 16:00:25 2008
speaking of traffic, a handfull of new people have been playing http://wyvernquest.com lately - right after there had been no players in the last 14 days, some new folks stumble on it. Woo!

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