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Mr. Sprinkles walkthrough
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Thu Apr 17 16:27:01 2008
Its still kind of fun. http://polymorph.rockstarnerd.com/cgi-bin/mrsprinkles/sp.cgi

for example,
The Adventures of Mr. Sprinkles' Walkthrough
Level 2196:

This level progresses as you go right. Next you'll spot many bears. Shoot them. Near a pink door, you'll uncover a towel worth 1000 points. Proceed up and you'll meet a bunch of rats...don't forget to side-step them. Bonk them. Near a yellow pit you'll run into a mess of blue sheeps...the second is carrying some boots. Hit them. Now you'll bump into 1 rhino; jump on the rhino. Near a tree you'll come across an extra life. Right away you'll be greeted by 6 tan elephants; the second will give you some rocks. Chomp the tan elephants. After that you'll encounter a slew of wolfs. Use your trusty rocks to zap them.

After the following purple red laser beam you'll find a sandwich worth 1400 points. Go right and you'll come across a tangerine worth 900 points. After the following orange mine field you'll dig up a meatloaf worth 1600 points. Next you'll meet a few dark mauve elephants. Be sure you run from them. You'll want your ol' rocks to shoot them. Then you'll bump into 2 sheeps; bop the sheeps. Go to the left and you'll see a mess of guardians...use your trusty rocks to blast them. Now you'll encounter 3 goats; don't forget to elude them. Whip out the rocks to do away with the goats. Following that you'll come nose-to-nose with many rhinos. Be sure you side-step them. The third conceals a bagel worth 1000 points. Utilize your rocks to finish them.

Then you'll bump into 4 pigs; the third will give you an orange worth 1000 points. Run from them, and use the rocks to zap them. Now you'll run into some clowns. Be sure to jump over them. Utilize your ol' rocks to clobber them. After the following hill you'll discover a grey card. After the following green spiked floor you'll uncover a yo-yo. Next you'll be greeted by a pig. Elude it, and you'll need your favorite yo-yo to shoot the pig. Next you'll encounter a robot. Equip your yo-yo to whack the robot. Look out; you'll spot 7 bugs; be careful to side-step them. You'll need your trusty yo-yo to hit them. Go left and you'll bump into some monsters...evade them, and bite them.

After the following light purple lava flow you reach a huge hill. Equip your favorite boots to pass it. You're whisked away to the next level.

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