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a lovely spam
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Tue Jul 22 17:32:16 2008
FROM: Vartan Quirk
(oo, off to a good start!)
Subject Line: Our company is looking for managers muqusekljueetyexkcbhms

unfortunately the content is just some letters & a spam blog url. I thought I had an amazing email from the mighty Vartan Quirk! oh wait, there is no famous Vartan Quirk; but if there was I'd like to help manage muqusekljueetyexkcbhms with his company!

How do you suppose you manage a muqusekljueetyexkcbhms, anyway? I imagine it involves lots of rope and a stun-ray!
Fri Aug 1 12:52:11 2008
Why am I suddenly reminded of This Island Earth?

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