King Dwain's Wandering Knights:  Bard's Tales

Early Epics

  • Sir Jonathan the Honorable, Lettuce Cultivation Enthusiast (Lefticus)
  • Sir Martin the Honest, disliker of Creature Comforts and Pinecone Musicals (Lefticus)
  • Sir Kenneth the Refined, a Comedy of Manoryns and Star-Nosed Moles (Lefticus)
  • Sir Richard the Polite: would a rose by any other name be so hatefully rude? (Mikey)
  • Sir Samson the Kind: He likes candy. A whole lot (Lefticus)
  • Sir Russell the Able: A Story of The Warrior's Code, Love, and Chucking Food at People (Lefticus)
  • Sir William the Wise: about his councilor, Dorkus the Sage, and the people who laugh at her name (Lefticus)
  • Sir Chester the Humble: Nice Guys finish Ok (Lefticus)
  • Sir Charles the Benevolent: Things get pretty creepy pretty quickly (Lefticus)
  • Sir Ivan the Grand: What are the Standard Bearer's job responsibilities, anyway? (Slade)

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