King Dwain and his Wandering Knights
Heraldry Design Contest

Blank Shield (.GIF format)
Blank Shield (.JPG format)
Try your hand at designing heraldry for the Wandering Knight's shields.

  1. Use either of the blank shield pictures to the left.
  2. Draw a one-colored design on the shield.
  3. Leave your email on the woobored and I'll contact you about submitting your shield.
If the design is accepted, it'll be added to the knight's bank of potential shields, and you'll be listed below for Shield Heraldry Design.

User-Submitted Designs:
Paul's: Paul's design #1 Paul's design #2
Laura's: Laura's design #1
Sara's: Sara's design #1
Mikey's: Mikey's design #1 Mikey's design #2 Mikey's design #3 Mikey's design #4 Mikey's design #5 Mikey's design #6
Slade's: Slade's Musical design Slade's 'Jason' design Slade's Kidney design Slade's Ninja design Slade's Flowery design Slade's Leaf design Slade's Patterny design Slade's Triforce design
Tuahan: Tuahan's Smile Design Tuahan's Crest Design Tuahan's Shield Design
Miriam: Miriam's Castle Design
Original Designs:   current bird-y shield heraldry current dashy shield heraldry current lionish shield heraldry current extra-dashy shield heraldry current sunburst shield heraldry current checkered shield heraldry

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