King Dwain's Wandering Knights
King Dwain: the Now 'n' Later King
King Dwain:
the Now 'n' Later King
  "Let me tell ya a little story 'bout a King named Dwain,
 Pour country monarch, barely keep his subjects tame,
 Then one day, Dwain was marshallin' his lieutenants,
 And up through the ranks rose Sir Dominic the Penitent.

 Humble, subservient: chivalry-like, that is.

 Next thing you know, King Dwain's established an order,
 Of Knights Errant, settin' about defendin' his boarders,
 But King Dwain the Far-Sighted thought they could do more,
 So he sends 'em all abroad with some travelin' Troubadours.

 Questin', wanderin', tellin' boring ballads about it, that is.

 So now you know the story of King Dwain's dispersed noblemen,
 Stop on by their Bardic Tales & bookmark/come again."

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