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  • Lance and Eskimo  -- what is it?
  • The Tourettes Love You!  -- what is it?
  • Heccubus' Domain  -- what is it?
  • FullyRamblomatic.com  -- what is it?
  • Monkeys Vs. Robots  -- what is it?
  • Bobo World USA  -- what is it?
  • Z.B.S. Media  -- what is it?
  • Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre  -- what is it?

    Lance and Eskimo Lance and Eskimo:
    Polymorph's sister site, updated 5 days a week (though I'm not going to tell you which 5 days). It is full of good stuff: hilarious articles, comics, and an ever-growing passel of funny hostees/guest columnists.

    One element, lost in their hostee past, that I feel deserves special mention:
  • The Misbegotten Oregon Trail Journal Site
  • The Tourettes Love You! The Tourettes Love you!:
    "The Tourettes, to put it scientifically, is a band which loves you.
    This page attempts to offer information about the phenomenon that is...
    Heccubus's Domain Heccubus's Domain:
    "Heccubus, Scourge of the Internet. Fear he, for he brings laughter to the masses."

    Plus, the site has a story about zombies, something we fully support.
    FullyRamblomatic.com FullyRamblomatic.com:
    Yahtzee's site, updated every weekday.

    It's full of comics, reviews, writing and downloadable original games. Yahtzee's also a contributor to the multiheaded hydra that is LanceandEskimo.com.
    Monkeys Vs. Robots Monkeys Vs. Robots:
    "The source for all your needs"
    Home of many simian- and mechanized-related resources (including our own Infinite Monkeys comic), powerful features, reviews of movies/videogames...but wait, there's more!
    Bobo the Clown Bobo World USA:
    The most frightening clown this side of Space Commander Clown. See a film of him frighten a small child with the old (!?) apple/worm gag! Run in fear! All Hail Bobo!
    ZBS Media Z.B.S. Media:
    These people are fantastic. Home of the radio play in the '90s. They do "Ruby, the Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe," & the Jack Flanders adventures, including "Fourth Tower of Inverness," (the one that I've listened to). Its fantastic, though-provoking, eclectic, existential, eastern-religion-esque, silly & reminiscent of the Addams Family living in Twin Peaks. I highly recommend checking it out.
    Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre:
    These guys are really funny. They're the people who do 'Ask Dr. Science' & 'Randee of the Redwoods,' as heard on NPR. Some of their other stuff is even better than them, if you ask me; listen to "The Swami" for a good, if juvenile, example..

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