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  • I received a 'Birthday 10% Discount' birthday card from this Radio Shack in Texas, with an extra consonant written on my first name. Other than that typographical error, it appeared to be addressed to me. The odd part was that it was quite a few months away from being my birthday and none of our acquaintances in Texas had anything to do with it.
  • Lefty

  • Message left on my voicemail "This is me; this is Julia, I do need a call back right away at 1-800-_______"
  • Lefty
    (the number turned out to be a wrong number from some phone company thing. However, it gave me the creeps to be addressed so familiarly by some woman I thought for a moment I had known & had completely forgotten...was one of the catalysts for this page's creation...)

  • I went to see thissie here movie a long time ago, I buys th' tickets, and as I walk past the codger that tears 'em in half, he sez to me & none of the other patrons "You're a good man." I turn around an take a look at him as I goes into the theater, & I never seen him before in my life. Howda hell did he know?
  • 'Antler' Jacobson

  • As I was riding home from the office yesterday morning, I passed a littleold lady as she was crossing the street. She had white curly hair, astooped back, a cane, and a perfectly serious expression on her face. Asshe walked, she exclaimed in a high falsetto, "Yipee! Yip! Yip! Yahoo!"
  • Zane Rokklyn

  • I was walking around a cemetary on a summer afternoon. I had just passed by a mournfully-enscribed angel statue (which was the focus of more than a bit of local folklore), and saw something in the bush next to it. Upon closer inspection of said bush, I discovered an envelope containing a polariod photograph. The photograph appeared to be of someone's basement, with a matress lying against the wall in a red frame.
  • Madeline Usher

  • ...Upon entering our dorm room, Totem's Grrrl & I checked our answering machine...the one message said..."What 'chu call my 'ouse & hung up for, huh?!?...Ju need to call me back"...*click*...No name, no number, & we had been out all day & called no one...we found the message to be a great source of comedy & the voice *blushing* strangely erotic...we recorded it as our answering machine message for the rest of that quarter...we still wonder if we'll run across the man who left it one day...
  • Goodgrrrl

  • I placed an ad in the paper to sell my car. Only my phone number was listed, no other personal information. I received only one call: "Hey Matt, this is Matt calling about your truck for sale in the paper - I'm very interested. Give me a call at ###-####." I never gave out my name on the voice mail (nor in the AD) and the return number was a non working number.
  • Hambone

  • ...'Member that nasty lil' dance called the "Tootsie Roll" from a few years back?...Well, I taught the ex-2LiveCrew member Mike Devine how to do the "Tootsie Roll" AFTER he became a devout Christian...How did a good grrrl like me get to be so bad?...*Devlish Grin*...
  • Goodgrrrl

    Hmm. Not to sure about this one. --Ed.

  • I went to a photocopier and inserted a page of a journal that I wanted to photocopy. I insert my money & press the copy button. What comes out of the machine, instead of the page of text that I had every right to expect, was a copy of this very odd black-on-white sketch/pattern sort of thing, kind of like arabesqued stylized lettuces.
  • Lefty

  • This is a true story. One time when I was living in New York City in 1973 I was walking down a street and saw a man standing next to a little tiny poodle-type dog on a leash he was holding. He was saying, "C'mon, do a doody for daddy, do a doody for daddy." Sometimes I wonder if he's stuck in a twilight zone-type time warp, forever standing on that street saying, "C'mon, do a doody for daddy, do a doody for daddy..".
  • grell6954

  • You remember that Radio Shack in Texas that sent me a birthday discount last year (listed up above)? Well, another 10% birthday discount came in the mail today, for this year! Still same misspelling of my name, still months away from my birthday! I may call them long distance some time, just to find out what's up...
  • Lefty

    Badger Pocket

  • I was on a Greyhound bus and had this massively bad cough.
    Nothing was working to relieve it, and the bus was really crowded. I tried to as unobtrusive as possible, which is tough to do when you're as big as I am. Finally this guy gets up and tells me that I probably have emphysema (I am 22 and don't smoke:) and that the Edgar Cace Foundation has potions that can cure this. I am rather taken aback, of course. (Edgar Cace was a psychic known as "the sleeping prophet," and his foundation makes a whole array of interesting things.) So I just say thanks, tell him I know about the Edgar Cace Foundation and try to turn away. He then proceeds to hand me two photocopied documents which I politely take.
    One is an ad for some medicinal water developed by some doctor in LA. Apparently its molecular structure is more pure than anywhere else or something. The other is a letter from this guy on the bus (who turns out to be a Belgian music teacher named Guido-Maria Hoogenboom, I sh*t you not.) The letter is addressed to the owner of Virgin Enterprises regarding Virgin Airlines. It explains that Mr. Virgin (for lack of a better name, such as his real one) must come to Guido's home villiage in Belgium to meet with him and the heads of several other airlines (who will of course be in attendance) to discuss the coming millenium. Apparently the airlines need to prepare for the reams of angels who will be descending upon the Earth for New Year's.
  • Rolando

    This frankly scares the hell out of me: a Belgian music teacher named Hoogenboom, molecularly pure water, Mr. Virgin, airliner windshields potentially being pelted by angels...that's what life's all about. -Ed.

  • Okay, so I was walking to work, I noticed FLAMES SHOOTING UP OUT OF THE ROAD! Closer inspection revealed a bunch of garbage littered about, with two large pieces of pizza box on fire near the center of the road. Cars maneuvered haphazardly trying to avoid the combusting material, weaving into and out of the left lane and barely avoiding ramming other cars going the opposite direction trying similarly to avoid fiery death. Two seconds later the nearby crossing-guard let off an exclamation of some sort (it's rarely possible to understand anything about that particular civil servant) and then ran over and began stomping on the flaming box, which by then had split into more pieces and had begun to crumple. How she managed to avoid catching herself on fire in this fruitless endeavor I'll never be sure. I watched for a little while and then went on my way.
    A few minutes later I noticed a fire truck heading down the street towards the site of cardboard box hatred. Finally, closer to my place of business, I noticed an entire loaf of french bread balanced precariously across the corner of a fence. Its purpose is beyond any conceivable comprehension.

    This is a weird place.
  • The Mysterious Man

  • One of the options currently open to me in my browser window, which is pointed at (a CD seller's) website, is:
    Browse World
    underlined in link form.
  • The Mysterious Man

  • Just now I was watching The Simpsons with my housemate, when I begin to hear, very faintly but distinctly, a sound coming from nowhere in particular. I didn't pay much attention at first, since random noise is a fact of life in our abode. But before long the sound was very loud, and was definitely local to our living room: it seemed to be coming from our heating system. We have radiators in each room, one right next to the couch, and the sound was coming from there, near as I could tell. But even weirder, the sound didn't hold one consistent note -- it was MUSIC. Sounded like an organ played through the pipes, very churchy, and the chords shifted in a very diliberate, musical way, not something one would expect from random ambient noise caused by steam flowing through airducts. It went on like that for about ten minutes. At first I thought my housemate didn't hear it...when I exclaimed "what is that??" she just sort of stared at me. So I started to worry that maybe the anxiety of my recent life had gotten to me and I had finally flipped and was hallucinating, but after the music went away and the show ended I asked her and she had heard it as well (thankfully). Neither of us could figure out what it was, but we both came to the same "church music" conclusion on our own.

  • The Mysterious Man

  • While partying with my buds one night in Boulder, CO in 1978, we were flipping bottle caps across the room to see who could land the cap right where he called it. This is hard to do, because in the process of "flipping", controlling where the cap lands is very difficult, since snapping your fingers to propel the cap forward does not make for an accurate aim. Most of the guys were bouncing them off of the walls, each other, or nicking posters and furniture. My turn came up, and when I flipped my bottle cap, it zinged out of my fingers at warp speed, bounced once off of the base of a lamp, and then landed perfectly on its side. It was not a "leaner". Now mind you, this entire process took only a split second to happen. For a few seconds, we all looked at the cap in astonishment, then all eyes landed on me, and I just said, "wow". Nothing like that has happened to me again since that fateful day in 1978. As Frank Costanza of Seinfeld would say, "It was a million-to-one shot, Doc! Million to one!"

  • Greg

  • I dreamed of my ex husbands girlfriend. we talked about her moving in, since i left him with all the furniture, i asked her to give me my stuff back since she had her own stuff. she agreed to do that. when i woke that day i spoke to a close friend who knows them, i told her of the dream-amazingly my ex's woman told her that she redecorated the house. wierd.

  • sychic dreamer

  • So, I's gets home from slingin' coffee at my barista job, but not before stopping by a neighborhood bar on my way home to enjoy a few pints of Summit Maibock (which is quite potable, by the way. It isn't a Belgian Trappist Ale, but, then again, what is?) and a nice conversation with an extraordinairily attractive member of the preferred sex. I think's to myself, "It's time to read Tripeman," which has almost replaced "Zippy the Pinhead" as my favorite comic. Zippy only wins due to longevity. The wonderful nonsense of Tripeman elevates my consciousness to a samsara seldom approached by Zippy on odd Tuesdays (or on days when repetitive phrase disorder strikes).

    The point of this screed. I actually know the ****er who created Tripeman. I actually know the people who graciously host this website. Yes, I'm God, so are you. So's my cat, Seamus, who sits next to me purring in a vaguely contented, yet confused, manner. Lick Lick, sniff sniff (I smell of bar after all, and I don't smoke (thus the confusion). Tat tvam asi, dip****. Cope.

    I may be lying, I might not. Those that know, know. Those that don't can see

  • leader of the freeworld

    *-s courtesy of editor, keeping the site clean since my parents have been readin' it :)

  • My family and I were touring Ireland and we decided to look for evidence of lost ancestors. 'Ducey' isn't a particularly Irish name, but the small group of Duceys from whom I am descended hung out in Ireland for a bit before coming to the U.S., about 150 years ago, so we decided to have a quick poke around Dungarvan, the area town where they were supposed to have lived. We were not expecting to find anything, but we all joked in the car about who we *might* find. I said, "Watch, we'll ask at the tourist info place and they'll say 'Oh, yeah, the Duceys! They own the pub down the way!" Everyone laughed. We got to Dungarvan, parked in a lot downtown, and went off in search of the tourist board. We had entered this little alleyway which led to the street when I glanced over an saw an electric blue trash bin. On the side, in large, black letters was scrawled "Ducey Rules". I stopped and said, "Look, Ducey Rules!" At first my family thought I was joking, but I showed them and they laughed and took piictures and all. It was really weird, finding obviously fresh graffiti written by some distant cousin not 50 meters from our car. It figures, I guess, the Duceys always have been punks. So we proceded to the tourist board and asked if there were any Duceys living in Dungarvan or the surrounding areas, and the tourist lady said "Oh, yeah, there's Michael Ducey! He owns the pub down the way!"


  • Kate

  • This incident happened a long time ago, but I've never forgotten the feeling of utter strangeness. I was riding home around midnight with a car full of friends all in mildly altered states. We cut through the local park and started driving down a winding, wooded road. As we came around a curve, there in front of us was a bakery delivery van moving slowly ahead. It pulled over and started up the sloping side of the road and then in seeming slow motion began to tip over and fall on its' side in the middle of the lane, headlights shining askew. As it fell a wild eyed man jumped out of the driver's side, froze, stared at us,stopped to avoid crashing into the truck. Time seemed to stand still, probably did. He looked at us like he was terrified,ran up the slope and disappeared into the woods. All this happened with an eery silence. We got out of the car and my friend opened up the back door of the van and said "Damn, it's empty." We got back in the car and drove around it and to my house. No one could ever explain what the hell was going on nor did anyone suggest we call it in it seemed so unreal.

  • La Vida

  • My brother and I are on our way to the grocery store to pick up some cheese for future endeavors, when we stop at a red light about a block from our home. I'm looking at the radio when I hear my brother shout "WHOA!" I look up to see a small light brown car cruising down the other side of the street. Thing is, the car wasn't on the road. It was careening over the yards on that side of the road! It was going very quickly and showed no signs of stopping or attempting to right the situation. After it went past about three houses it leisurely slid left, back onto the road, and continued as if nothing had happened. I got a look at the guy as he zoomed past. He was an older gentleman, probably in his mid-fifties, and he didn't look particularly shaken or even nervous about what had happened to him. In fact, it looked like he hadn't even noticed! The yards certainly showed what had happened, though, there were tire marks and the grass was torn to shreds. Fortunately there were no children playing or cars in driveways or it could have been a much more significant occurance. Sadly I did not get the license plates of the car because it was going very fast in the opposite direction.

    On the way back I took a look at the course. He managed to manuever between trees and lightposts, and then back onto the road. The really strange thing is that he hadn't missed a turn or anything, he just drove off the street, veered onto the lawns, and then continued at about 50 mph until the opportunity to go back onto the street presented itself. He was either very drunk (in which case he'd have to be awfully lucky to avoid all those hazards) or a lunatic.

  • The Mysterious Man

  • Answering machine message, 6-year old boy's voice: "Hi, this is Mason, my birthday party is at Shakey's tonight at 6:30. My phone number is ###-####." I'm pretty sure, whoever he was, he had a wrong number, so I didn't seriously consider attending.

  • Lefty

  • i was once driving down the left side of the road, for it was england, and i saw a cat balanced perfectely on a broom staring at me through my car window. then a lady came out and took both away. she claims she is not a witch and has nothing to do with witchery, but i doubt the truth behind her words. quiet frankely, i believe she is.

  • Little Red Riding Cape

  • I'm a breakfast cook so I have cracked so many eggs in my life it is just impossible to imagine. About a month ago I cracked one and out came a perfect white but no yolk. first time, last time. 4:20

  • bdk

  • Every day at approximately 9:30 am and at 6 pm, I receive a phone call from an unknown source that hangs up as soon as I pick up the phone. One of these days I should have my phone company trace it.

  • Germ

  • I are being getting that same'z call on the telephone-ness where...ACK! I mean, where I get calls at 9:30AM and 6PM from "Out of Area" where someone hangs up as soon as i answer [...] ok i got'z ta go potty now bye bye gil bye!

  • The Mighty Guffypup

  • several years ago i was driving across 2,000 miles in a couch on wheels (blessed guzzler). i looked out the driver's side window at the dakota fields to the south and saw a lone white pelican rather close by. this pelican flew parallel to me for some time.

  • princess tiara of the elk people

  • twice in one week, birds landed on my head. the first time, it was a hummingbird who hovered inches from my ears, then sat on my head while i was making a map. the second time, i was making hot chocolate outside a historic cabin, when a nuthatch flew from the roof to my head, where it remained for a few seconds. they were both lovely, and neither of them pooped during our encounters.

  • princess tiara of the elk people

    One time the cd skipped at "take it back" then "let it go" a shortwhile later...guess you had to be there...

  • rhino

    Printed on a bottle of cd optical lens cleaner from the manufacturer SONY. "....Please do not taste,even it is of no danger to attach to child's hand." word for word literal Japanese translation to English.....I presume.....I have tasted it and it has not 'dangered me"

  • Chickenboy_kfc,

    Myself and my good friend Gordo decided to place an ad in our local/national buy and sell journal along these lines...

    Long forgotten, we received a call from a guy who said he could supply us with one but it was only 0.8 gigawatt but assured us it could handle 88mph no problem.....
    When asked how much he was asking for it he replied fifteen hundred...we told him all we had was eight hundred in dubloons..he said he was sorry it wasn't enough but wished us luck in our quest. He then hung up.
    Strange ...but sooo true.
  • Chickenboy_kfc,

    Upon arriving at the parking lot of the tire store to pick up my car, a young man walks up to me and asks me how I was doing. Figuring him to be an employee of the shop, probably paid extra to be friendly to potential customers, I respond politely and continue to walk towards the entrance to the store, eager to be away with my newly treaded vehicle. However, the nameless young man pursues, inquiring as to my tendencies towards the consumption of meat. The conversation goes something like this:

    Young man: "Do you like steak?"
    Me: "sure." (I stop and stare, wondering where this conversation could possibly go. Was he trying to pick me up?)
    Young man: "That's great! 'Cause I've got some amazing deals on cuts of meat. Porterhouse, Rib-eye, Filet Mignon man! How can you possibly pass this up?"

    I look around. I realize he had disembarked from an unmarked white van which could potentially contain a small freezer. I begin to realize what this is about.

    Me: "Sorry, I'm moving tomorrow."
    Young man: "oh, so that's how it is? Ok then." I scurry towards the store, pleased to have dodged the possibility of being forced to purchase large chunks of questionable meat products.

    I walk into the store. Young man follows me in, looks around, seems confused, then wanders off. I never see him again.

  • The Mysterious Man

  • every monday at 12 o' clock in the afternoon, my phone would ring, when I picked up the phone, my computer would beep like it was turning off. Then I would speak into the phone and no one would answer. There would be odd computer noises in the backround like it was a cell phone from a long way away. Then, I would hang up the phone and it would immediately ring and when i picked it up, a computerized version of my voice would repeate everything that I said to it before... this happened for 5 weeks in a row.

  • Mr. Colossal

    I was watching the sky one night a few years ago. I focused on a star for a second. Then it moved in a perfectly straight line across the sky behind my house and over the horizon. It cleared the sky in about 5 seconds. That's damned fast. I'm thinking UFO

  • Slade

    Today I went with a friend to a (somewhat) nearby mall for the amusement value of wandering through stores pretending to be hip. As we walked down the promenade we discovered a Victoria's Secret store with a large wooden partition completely blocking the entrance and the glass windows on either side. It was, therefore, impossible to see inside. In front of the wooden partition stood a stern-faced woman in a pert red skirt/jacket ensemble looking officious and glaring at passers-by. If anyone approached she'd gesture a "move-along" wave with her hands, as if she didn't want anyone coming too close.

  • The Mysterious Man

  • On the way home from work, I have a very short drive that includes part of a highway with the speed limit of 65mph. I usually exit this highway at 80mph and coast to a stop when I get to my street. One night, however, a racoon decided to interrupt me in the middle of my coasting and I had to SLAM on the brakes. The racoon didn't move. I managed to stop INCHES before hitting it. Did it run? Did it stay frozen? danced in front of my car racoon-style (hopping around the front of my car for several seconds before sauntering away.) It didn't seem phased at all...maybe it was drunk or high...

  • Roget

    In my youth I lived in a land far away that had too many o's in it's name. I killed trees for a living and i made pipes for the smoking of the herb out of their remains. One summer day i picked up a hitch hiker who knew a friend of mine and of my pipes. I showed him a few that i had with me and he asked to buy one saying that he would be at our mutual friend's house next week with the money. I'm sure you know how that came out.
    The following spring i saw Mike, the mutual friend, in his dooryard and he said that he had something that he thought was mine wait a minuit. He came out of his house with the aforementioned pipe saying that he found it floating in his basement wash tub two days ago. He hadn't seen the other guy for months and the pipe hadn't been in the tub when he used it last. For that matter he didn't even know why it was full of water.
    Several years later, same state, still making pipes, one particularly fine example of which i manage to sell to big city head shop for $80. Skip ahead 8 months. My girl friend and i were walking by the shop and and see that it's going out of business. When i go in i see that veryfine pipe on sale for $24 so i bought it. I now have a pipe that generated nearly $60 for me out of thin air.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it

  • Stude (added 3/7/02)

    I was in a hotel in Chalhuanco Peru, between Abancay and Nazca and went to the bathroom. It was a squatter, just a hole in the floor. In the upper right hand corrner of the room was a hole in the cement celling about 7cm wide. Through this hole a cats face was sticking as I entered. The thing watched as I pissed and never moved. I left kind of freeked out by the surreality of it. Later when I used the same bathroom there was no cat.

  • Moneyshot. (added 3/7/02)

    One time at band camp.......
    My friend and I were driving across Highway 51 in Arazona, the longest, lonelyest highway in america. We had just spent the night at some camping spot on the edge of the California border and as we were driving into the desert I noticed that one of the white road guides off the shoulder was wiggleing like krazy! Now I'm not talkin' flapin in the wind im talkin' like trying to burry itself into the ground possessed! There was no wind, and all the other road guides were standing still. Durning our drive we saw no other cars pass us untill we stoped at this town, and driving at 80+MPH, we did not make it to the other side of the state. Do the math, 80 MPH for 15 hours of driving. We had to camp near the border. There was something deffinitly not right about that day.....

    Belive it or not.

  • Yours truly, the HighFizgig (added 3/8/02)

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