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Weird Happenings & Bizarre Occurances from Real Life

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  • One day, my bag was stolen at a fast food restaurant. This bag was rather fancy and contained a whole lot important documents and Ids, but also a bunch of photos to scan for the website I was doing. Most photos were very old and precious to their owner. Well, I just went back home and wished the worst things happened to the person who took it. Then my flatmate comes from work. Being streetwise, he suggests we go and check out the trash bins around that restaurant. The reasoning was that the stuff inside the bag could be used to prove its ownership, and so the first thing for the person who stole it would be to empty the bag as soon as possible, and keep only the valuables, such as bloody expensive sunglasses. We looked in all the trash bins and talked to all the bums who might have looked there before, no luck. On the way back home, a 30 minutes walk, we kept looking into bins out of sheer desperation. Then, the last thing on the way was this huge container with trash from renovation works. My friend, who tried to calm me, said: "well, it got to be there because we looked everywhere else." Hell, it all was there! For weeks, I tried to spot my sunglasses and the bag in the neighbourhood, but no luck.
  • bull frog (added 6/27/02)

  • As I walked out to my car one morning to go to work, i had a song stuck in my head, when I turned my car on the radio came on and the song I had in my head was playing at the very spot I was in the song.
  • Singer of Songs (added 6/27/02)

  • After an evening of much pie-eating and watching of the movie The Others, I entered my automobile to take my friend home. It was about 3:30 in the morning, and although I've driven through Oxford at this hour before, I had never been uptown. Two things happened which will forever change my life:
    1. Stopped at a red light, at an intersection near the center of uptown Oxford. During a light-hearted discussion with my friend (probably having something to do with pie), she stops abruptly mid-sentence and shouts "that's a knight!" Indeed, two college-aged persons, one male and one female, were carrying a large armored knight down main street. I rolled down the window to ask them its purpose, but they scooted past me and disappeared into the darkness.
    2. Almost immediately after the intersection I am driving through the town toward campus. I look to my right and see a man with a large pizza box hurriedly stuffing his face -- he almost has the box in his face as he devours its contents. He's an older man, scraggly, probably in his 50's. He notices me staring at him and scowls angrily.
  • The Mysterious Man

  • Next to the building where my office is, there are some low-to-the-ground shrubs and some wood-chip type of ground cover. Today (Jan. 24, 2003) as I was walking next to this building, right as I passed one of the aforementioned low-lying shrubs, a little brown and white bunny came shooting out from inside one of the shrubs, as if launched by a catapult, and bashed headlong into my briefcase.

    Happily my briefcase is made of a soft leathery type of material and the leaping lepus merely bounced off, hit the ground, and dashed off like someone had sprinkled Tobasco sauce on his hindquarters.

    This really happened. It was a close encounter of the bunny kind.

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