TRIPEMAN, spinning for YOU!
TRIPEMAN, spinning for YOU!
An Introduction
by Mr. Gumhead
Tripeman vs. Jon the Plumber!

Tripeman and the Express Isle!

Tripeman tangles with Film No-R!

Tripeman and the Pre-Worn Trousers Terror!

Tripeman and the malevolent invention of Mr. Elegant!

Cowboy Cal and the Big Game!

Tripeman and the Lost Youthful Idealism!

Tripeman and the Demagogue French Fries!

Tripeman and the Dangerous Chemicals!

Tripeman Solves the Obscured Mystery!

Tripeman acquires a wise mentor-type figure!

Tripeman encounters Grist Guy & knows fear!

Tripeman encounters Grist Guy & knows fear, part 2!

Tripeman Out-Puzzles a Cosmic Quandary!

Tripeman and the Big Date!

An Introduction
by Mr. Fishguy

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