Two Skulls that Talk
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  1. finance bears
  2. ptato chips
  3. soda-pop heart-throb
  4. yellow skull's dream
  5. blue skull acquires a railroad
  6. how to run a railroad
  7. an unsubstantiated allegation
  8. the mysterious boxcar
  9. "great guns, it's..."
  10. the absolute upper bound
  11. let's review
  12. statistical analysis
  13. friendly concern/a path is chosen
  14. a convenient store
  15. a cobbler of boysenberry   [Available as MP3]
  16. at the quarry   [Available as MP3]
  17. a burgher reflects over a burger   [Available as MP3]
  18. catching up
  19. grim prognostications   [Available as MP3]
  20. personal advisor   [Available as MP3]
  21. the wall-like constraints of society
  22. ...your superior
  23. EEP!
  24. no thank you, Hildebrand   [Available as MP3]
  25. "as you asked"   [Available as MP3]
  26. but I could start
  27. mine deck of sorrows   [Available as MP3]
  28. "Is blue skull free for a good news interruption?"   [Available as MP3]
  29. The Plan & a Shock
  30. Insubordinate calcium-deposit!
  31. a date missed
  32. "What did the physician say?"
  33. Beyond the Pale
  34. "You must be here to see yellow skull."
  35. "Asp to my mind's eye"
  36. "Did you see what came to pass with yellow skull?"
  37. No Time to Think
  38. Despair's Business Card
  39. Wrested back onto its tracks   [Available as MP3]
  40. strokes of luck
  41. burp!
  42. 'I ain't goin' out like that!'
  43. Grumble grumble grumble.
  44. where am I
  45. The Morning
  46. "Ah! The Day"
  47. The Apology Abyss
  48. A Committed Relationship
  49. The Tote-y Song
  50. This Thusly Impetusly Momentous Moment!
  51. Convergence
  52. I Remember
  53. "O, Cruel Fate!"
  54. something

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